Super E-Book Deals for Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Without a TraceFREE TODAY – Colleen Coble’s, Without a Tracebook one in the Rock Harbor Series, is available for free today for Kindle.

When a plane carrying Bree Nicholls’ husband and son disappears, her life changes forever. Her relentless determination to find them starts an investigation that links their disappearance to a violent crime threatening to tear the peaceful town of Rock Harbor apart.

Mystery fans will love this exciting new series from best-selling author Colleen Coble. Set in the untamed beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the Rock Harbor Series is full of suspense and romance, drawing you into the life and operation of a canine search-and-rescue team as it unravels the secrets of an enchanting wilderness.

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USA Today best-selling author Colleen Coble’s Rock Harbor series now available in one volume!

Without a Trace

Bree thinks a plane crash took the lives of her husband and young son, but her son

Davy survived the accident. Can she find him before it’s too late?

Beyond a Doubt

Evidence of a violent crime in Bree’s basement causes police to re-open a cold case. Can she and her K-9 search dog, Samson, stop the killer before he strikes again?

Into the Deep

When Bree’s dog Samson goes missing, it’s just the beginning of her life turning upside down.

Cry in the Night

Bree and Samson discover a crying infant in the snowy Rock Harbor forest. But where are the baby’s parents? And how did she get there?

Silent Night

As Christmas day nears, Bree and her faithful search-and-rescue dog Samson follow the trail of a troubling mystery into the snowy forests of Rock Harbor.

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Even NowFREE TODAY – Karen Kingsbury’s book, Even Nowthe first book in the Lost Love series is available for free today for Kindle.

Sometimes hope for the future is found in the ashes of yesterday.

Shane Galanter is a man ready to put down roots after years of searching. But is he making the right choice? Or is there a woman somewhere who even now remembers—as does he—those long-ago days . . . and a love that hasn’t faded with time?

Lauren Gibbs is a successful international war correspondent who gave up on happily-ever-after years ago—when it was ripped away from her. Since then, she’s never looked back. So why can’t she put to rest the one question that haunts her: Why is life so empty?

Emily Anderson is a college freshman raised by her grandparents and about to take her first internship as a journalist. But before she can move ahead, she discovers a love story with a tragic ending that came accompanied her birth. As a result, she is compelled to look back and search out the mother she’s never met.

A young woman seeking answers to her heart’s deep questions. A man and woman separated by lies and long years . . . yet who have never forgotten each other. With hallmark tenderness and power, Karen Kingsbury weaves a tapestry of lives, loss, love, and faith—and the miracle of resurrection.

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Two couples torn apart—one by war between countries, one by war within.

In this moving sequel to Even Now, Emily Anderson, now twenty, is attending college on a soccer scholarship when she meets the man who changes everything for her: Army reservist Justin Baker. Their tender relationship, founded on a mutual faith in God and nurtured by their trust and love for each other, proves to be a shining inspiration to everyone they know, especially Emily’s reunited birth parents, Lauren Gibbs and Shane Galanter.

Lauren and Shane still struggle to move past their opposing beliefs about war, politics, and faith. Shane believes it’s possible but Lauren doesn’t. So she says a painful good-bye to her long-ago love and returns to her job as a war correspondent in Afghanistan.

Both hearts are shattered, and Lauren and Shane believe that this time their relationship has truly ended forever. Then tragedy sends shock waves through all their lives. Can Lauren and Shane set aside their opposing views so that love—God’s love—might win, no matter how great the odds?

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A Chritmas CarolFREE TODAY – Charles Dickens’ classic, A Christmas Carolis free today for Kindle.

“I am the Ghost of Christmas Present,” said the Spirit. “Look upon me!”

The holiday season brings the chance to give, and what better gift is there than one of the most beloved stories in the English language? This year, we at Atria Books are offering a free ebook edition of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the perfect companion for a cozy night by the fire.

Since its publication in 1843, A Christmas Carol and the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge have become literary classics. Illuminated with practical scholarship and questions for discussion, this edition makes a charming package that includes the facts behind the fiction, as well as the pure joy and magic of this timeless tale about the true meaning of Christmas.

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UnbrokenSUPER DEAL – SAVE 81% – ONLY $2.99

Laura Hilenbrand’s best-selling biography, Unbrokenthe incredible true story of Louis Zamperini is for sale today for just $2.99.


In boyhood, Louis Zamperini was an incorrigible delinquent. As a teenager, he channeled his defiance into running, discovering a prodigious talent that had carried him to the Berlin Olympics. But when World War II began, the athlete became an airman, embarking on a journey that led to a doomed flight on a May afternoon in 1943. When his Army Air Forces bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean, against all odds, Zamperini survived, adrift on a foundering life raft. Ahead of Zamperini lay thousands of miles of open ocean, leaping sharks, thirst and starvation, enemy aircraft, and, beyond, a trial even greater. Driven to the limits of endurance, Zamperini would answer desperation with ingenuity; suffering with hope, resolve, and humor; brutality with rebellion. His fate, whether triumph or tragedy, would be suspended on the fraying wire of his will.

Unbroken is an unforgettable testament to the resilience of the human mind, body, and spirit, brought vividly to life by Seabiscuitauthor Laura Hillenbrand.

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choose-your-top-3-500-dynamic-discussion-starters-to-get-your-teenagers-talkingSUPER DEAL – SAVE 36% – ONLY $6.99

Get your teenagers talking this Christmas with Brian Schulenburg’s, Choose Your Top 3which is available for Kindle today for just $6.99.

This collection of 500 discussion prompts will get your students laughing, thinking, sharing, and getting to know each other. From the silly to the insightful, these “Top 3” choices are great for icebreakers, time killers on road trips, and much more. Here’s a smattering of what’s inside:

• What are your top 3 fast food restaurants?
• What are your top 3 fears?
• What are your top 3 cartoon characters?
• What are your top 3 names of God?

While these prompts may seem elementary, they are effective, efficient ways to get inside your students’ heads and hearts. Think of them as gateway questions that can lead to deeper revelations of what’s really going on with your kids.

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The Great ExchangeSUPER DEAL – SAVE 89% – ONLY $1.99

Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington’s book, The Great Exchange: My Sin for His Righteousnessis only $1.99 today for Kindle.

Believers often take for granted the great act of salvation provided to us by the work of Jesus Christ. Beginning with the Old Testament sacrifices and the prophecies that foreshadowed Christ, authors Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington guide believers through the biblical overview of Christ’s atonement. The Great Exchange helps believers see how the Old Testament practices tie in with the New Testament discussion of Christ’s great work of salvation.

As believers work through these principles, they will begin to recognize that even though we deserve condemnation and punishment from a holy God, he has given us the opportunity to experience his great riches through his Son, Jesus Christ. The clear gospel message presented throughout the entire book offers a great appreciation of Christ for believers and an opportunity for salvation for unbelievers.

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Super E-Book Deals for Wednesday, February 20, 2013

soundtrack-your-life-phil-zarns-paperback-cover-artFREE TODAY – Phil Zarns’ highly regarded work, The Soundtrack of Your Lifeis free today for Kindle!

Music has moved even the most stoic of hearts. Movements in rhythm, verses and choruses – God is helping us to find our way. The Soundtrack of Your Life uses a musical playlist as a companion to inspirational stories that point towards the identity of the composer of this beautiful music, God.


“Your mind will be stretched and your heart will be touched as you read this book.”

Mark Batterson
author – In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, The Circle Maker
pastor – National Community Church – Washington D.C.

“Compelling, thought provoking, entertaining and enlighting. It’s nice to know that the right words on a piece of paper can still fill you with such emotions. if you are not sure what i’m talking about, just read the soundtrack of your life and you soon will.”

Darren Edwards
writings and photographs for numerous guitar magazines. worked with Alice Cooper, Bob Geldof, Queen, Pink Floyd, Motorhead, Ted Nugent, Dio Pretenders and many more.


A downloadable playlist for Spotify or iTunes, listen to songs from Mainstream and Christian artists as you read.

Spotify Playlist:

iTunes Playlist:

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faithfulsoulFREE TODAY – A Faithful Soul by Sherrilyn Polf, part of the Engineering of Flight Series is free for Kindle today.

War! On December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. If the Japanese can successfully bomb Hawaii, what would keep them from bombing the west coast? The year before, war had taken her husband, Clay from her. Dena Caulter’s world continues to crumble around her. Struggling to understand, she asks God why.

Carl was in Culver City working on airplanes. He had told her about a new carrier Hughes was going to build…the largest ever. With Carl not here in Palo Alto, how could she continue her education; how could she keep her boys safe? What about the blackouts and the rationings, especially on milk and gasoline? How could they as a country manage? How could she deal with all of these regulations? Dena wondered if the Japanese really bombed Culver City. Or are the rumors true? That it was a UFO. Even though Carl scoffed, Dena still wondered. She hated to listen to the news but felt she needed to know.

And where’s Brock? She worried if her brother was safe. Oh….Dena felt small, useless…but only for a moment. She squared her shoulders and moves forward with the nation at war…Carl will always be here if I need him.

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lumpofclayFREE TODAY – Dr. Bobby Holliday’s, A Lump of Clayis free today for Kindle. 

When the famous potter, Manasseh the Forgetful, first takes his very best clay out of his bag to make a centerpiece for King Herod’s table, little did he know what this lump of clay was really destined to become. He knew the lump of clay was special, but not in the way most people think of as special…

Dr. Bobby Holliday started her career in Los Angeles as singer/keyboard player. Her session work led to doing commercial work as a vocalist and then to voiceover work. She has done many successful commercial campaigns for Safeway, Healthy Choice, Sherwin Williams Paint, and Kenmore/Sears to name a few. She is the official voice match for Angelina Jolie for her work on the Kung Fu Panda DVD and Wii recordings, and is the voice for Emma Frost on the X-Men DVDs. She graduated with high honors from Biola University with a BS in business and minor in theology. She received a master’s degree in psychology from Pepperdine University with high honors. She continued with her doctoral work and received PhD in psychology. She was in Who’s Who of American Colleges and Universities and is in two honor societies.

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kateskissesFREE TODAY – Mary Manners’ inspirational romance, Kate’s Kisses, is free today for Kindle.

Broken dreams…shattered hearts…a special recipe…

Following the tragic, sudden death of her parents, Kate Spencer broke off her engagement from high school sweetheart Logan Daniels, just weeks before their wedding. She chose, instead, to remain in Mount Ridge, Tennessee to raise her younger sisters and help keep the family together. Now, with her sisters grown, she spends her days at family-owned Sweet Treats Bakery, hiding a wounded heart in the sweet confections she creates.

Logan Daniels left town when Kate broke his heart, but now he’s come home to claim what he lost four years ago, and he won’t stop until he gets what he came for…Kate’s kisses.

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capturedFREE TODAY – Dennis Jernigan’s Capturedbook one in the Chronicles of Bren Series is free today for Kindle.

The Chronicles of Bren: Captured is the beginning story in the saga of one boy’s journey to manhood. Young teen, Lee Jennings, bullied constantly by local boys, suddenly finds himself transported into a world of fantasy and adventure…and plunged into a whole new identity as the son of a king! How he traverses this new world and endures captivity at the hands of the realm’s resident evil lord is also the journey of self-discovery that will one day serve Lee in his adult life. Full of fantastic beings and magical creatures from this new dimension and wrought with many twists and turns, Captured is just the beginning for Lee Jennings…and is designed to be an adventurously entertaining ride for readers of all ages.

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pilgrimsofthalleySUPER DEAL – 33% OFF – ONLY $7.99

Dave Arnold’s new book Pilgrims of the Alley: Living Out Faith in Displacement, is available for the low price of $7.99 on Kindle. This book is getting rave reviews, with 13 reviews on Amazon earning 5 out of 5 stars.

Sometimes people wonder why they feel stuck in life, as if they are living out their days in an unnatural and often hostile environment. But the truth is, this is a reality for people attempting to follow Jesus in our world.

We are displaced persons.

But God is at work in displacement. And it’s in this environment – in the alleys of life – where extraordinary growth takes place and our faith grows the most. This book is about a journey of understanding how we are to navigate a life of faith amid a world of such uncertainty, and oftentimes, of great darkness.

Dave Arnold is a new author that is worth reading! He grew up in the D.C. Area. At the age of seventeen, he turned his life over to Christ through the ministry of Young Life. While in college at Taylor University-Fort Wayne, Dave received his calling into ministry. Since then, he has worked in a variety of roles: youth and college ministry, church planting, inner city missions, church planting consulting, and as a case manager with World Relief. Dave and his wife, Angie, have traveled all over the world working with the displaced, poor, and hurting. Dave has also been a freelance writer for the last ten years and a blogger for the last two years. He currently lives in the Dearborn (Detroit-area) where he works with immigrants from the Middle East. He is passionate about hospitality and helping “strangers” feel like they belong. Dave is married to Angie and they have one son, Luke. You can connect with Dave online at or follow him on Twitter @davejarnold16.

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keytopersonalpeaceSUPER DEAL – SAVE 33% – ONLY $1.99

Billy Graham’s, The Key to Personal Peaceis just $1.99 for Kindle today.

People are seeking the answer to the confusion, the moral sickness, the spiritual emptiness that oppresses the world. We are all crying out for guidance. For comfort. For peace. Is there a way out of our dilemma? Can we really find personal peace with God? Yes! But only if we look in the right place.

The Key to Personal Peace not only includes trusted Biblical insights from renowned evangelist Dr. Billy Graham, but also includes the full gospel of John, making the book a perfect gift for evangelism or outreach. The Key to Personal Peace offers a look into how to live life in the fullness of God.

Sections include:

  • The Great Quest
  • Our Dilemma
  • What is God Like
  • What Did Jesus Do for Us?
  • Finding the Way Back
  • Peace at Last
  • Heaven, Our Hope

Download your copy today, for just $1.99, by clicking here.

walkwithjesusSUPER DEAL – ONLY $1.99

Looking for a good book for Lent? Check out Chuck Swindoll’s, Walk With Jesus: A Journey to the Cross and Beyondwhich is available today for only $1.99.

Walk with Jesus leads churchgoers through the forty days of Lent with daily entries to prepare their hearts for Easter.  

It all began with the long awaited coming of Messiah, the person who would preside over the Jewish nation and bring peace and freedom to a people in need. But the Easter story, the Gospel story in the making, ends with a much larger conclusion: the possibility of eternal freedom for all who would believe.

In Walk with Jesus, a forty day Lent devotional From Charles R. Swindoll, readers go on a compelling journey through the life and ministry of Jesus. This powerful booklet gives insights only a learned teacher could give while engaging the heart and mind only as a pastor can. Anyone wishing to be transformed and find a fresh encounter with God will find it daily through the pages of Walk with Jesus.

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For over a century, Charles Spurgeon has been known as the “Prince of Preachers.” Now you can own The Essential Works of Charles Spurgeon for just 99 cents.

This volume includes 14 of Spurgeon’s most loved and read works.

Includes hyperlinks to each book, chapter, & footnote

Works included:
-An All-Round Ministry
-Advice for Seekers
-All of Grace
-Around the Wicket Gate
-Commenting & Commentaries
-A Defense of Calvinsim
-Farm Sermons
-Faith’s Checkbook
-The Greatest Fight in the World
-Morning & Evening
-John Ploughman’s Talk
-The Soul-Winner
-A Puritan Catechism
-Till He Come

Download your copy for just 99 cents today by clicking here.

herminnesotamanSUPER DEAL – SAVE 91% – ONLY 99 CENTS

Brenda Coulter’s, Her Minnesota Manis only 99 cents today for Kindle.


Rock star Jackson Bell has just given his heart to God. Resolved to abandon his wicked lifestyle and eager for instruction in Christian living, he heads home to Owatonna, Minnesota and the girl-next-door he’s secretly loved for years. Dismayed to find Laney Ryland in the midst of a faith crisis, “Jeb” quickly formulates a plan: He’ll help Laney get her faith back, and then he’ll find her a good Christian man to marry so she can get started on that big family she longs for.

It won’t be easy, watching another man slide a ring onto Laney’s finger. But she deserves only the best, and Jeb means to see that she gets it. Now if only her great-aunts, those pesky 79-year-old matchmaking triplets known as the Three Graces, will just stay out of his way . . . .

Brenda Coulter’s first four novels were published by Harlequin’s popular “Love Inspired” imprint. One of them won a HOLT Medallion and a Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, and another was a finalist for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA Award (Best Inspirational Romance).

“Brenda Coulter brings to light real-life faith struggles and God’s healing grace.” —RT Book Reviews

Download your copy for just 99 cents today by clicking here.