Super E-Book Deals for Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Season of MysteriesFREE TODAY – Kregel Publications is offering Rusty Whitener’s book, A Season of Mysteriesfor free today for Kindle.

Some may think the ability to recall entire conversations verbatim is a remarkable gift. But to fifty-year-old Dr. Richard Powell, it is a disruptive burden. He is being haunted by words. The words take him back to 1976, to the unforgettable summer when he and his friends of Boy Scout Troup 44 first witness an epic conflict between good and evil. Faith was relatively new to Zack, Donnie, Skeeter, and the other boys who had played together on the 1971 champion Little League team. That baseball season was forever imprinted on their souls, due in large part to the life-changing actions of a boy named Rafer. But this summer—1976—they would discover the real depth of their souls and the dangerous influences battling for control of their lives. A follow-up to Whitener’s acclaimed debut novel, A Season of Mysteries takes readers back to a time between the innocence of childhood and the uncertainty of teenage years; where girls, studies, and life’s bigger issues become a reality. With the same gripping prose that made Whitener an award-winning screenplay writer, A Season of Mysteries explores the seen and unseen spiritual powers at work and the Ultimate Power who controls it all.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

A Home in the WestFREE TODAY – Harvest House Publishers is offering beloved authors Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith’s new book, A Home in the West, the first book in the new The Amish of Apple Grove series, for free today for Kindle. This book will not be released until July 1, 2013.

Journey back to 1858 Berlin, Ohio, in this free short story e-romance from The Amish of Apple Grove series by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith. For 19-year-old Jonas Switzer, the promise of a productive life as an Amish farmer is only as real as a dream on the western horizon. Living on the charity of the Bylers, and with no claim to a family farm, Jonas’s future depends on a bold plan and an ambitious move. He also longs to catch the eye of Caroline Hersberger, the most beautiful young woman in the village, and share his dream with her. Will Matthew Kennel woo her first? Will she reject Jonas outright? Only God knows, and only He can provide Jonas with a godly wife and a home in the West.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

It's Time to Reveal What God Wants to Heal

FREE TODAY – T. D. Jakes’ book, It’s Time to Reveal What God Wants to Heal: Naked and Not Ashamedis free today for Kindle.

Bishop Jakes calls for believers to strip away all layers of superficiality, religious reasonings, and pious pretendings. We need to be real to be honest before God and man. Our example, Jesus Christ Himself, ministered and died in total openness before us. How can the hurting around us receive help and healing unless we too are Naked and Not Ashamed.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

SUPER DEAL – SAVE 84% – ONLY $3.79

The Great Omission

Dallas Willard’s fabulous book, The Great Omissionis only $3.79 today for Kindle.

The last command Jesus gave the church before he ascended to heaven was the Great Commission, the call for Christians to “make disciples of all the nations.” But Christians have responded by making “Christians,” not “disciples.” This, according to brilliant scholar and renowned Christian thinker Dallas Willard, has been the church’s Great Omission. “The word disciple occurs 269 times in the New Testament,” writes Willard. “Christian is found three times and was first introduced to refer precisely to disciples of Jesus. . . . The New Testament is a book about disciples, by disciples, and for disciples of Jesus Christ. But the point is not merely verbal. What is more important is that the kind of life we see in the earliest church is that of a special type of person. All of the assurances and benefits offered to humankind in the gospel evidently presuppose such a life and do not make realistic sense apart from it. The disciple of Jesus is not the deluxe or heavy-duty model of the Christian — especially padded, textured, streamlined, and empowered for the fast lane on the straight and narrow way. He or she stands on the pages of the New Testament as the first level of basic transportation in the Kingdom of God.” Willard boldly challenges the thought that we can be Christians without being disciples, or call ourselves Christians without applying this understanding of life in the Kingdom of God to every aspect of life on earth. He calls on believers to restore what should be the heart of Christianity — being active disciples of Jesus Christ. Willard shows us that in the school of life, we are apprentices of the Teacher whose brilliance encourages us to rise above traditional church understanding and embrace the true meaning of discipleship — an active, concrete, 24/7 life with Jesus.

Download your copy for just $3.79 by clicking here.

SUPER DEAL – SAVE 73% – ONLY $3.99 Always the Baker Finally

Sandra Bricker’s, Always the Baker, Finally the Brideis just $3.99 today for Kindle. This is the fourth book in the Emma Rae Creations Series. In Always the Baker, Never the Bride, readers fell in love with Emma Rae and Jackson, and they’ve gotten more acquainted with them in the two books that followed. But now it’s time for the diamond to meet the road as Jackson fields an offer to sell The Tanglewood, a move that will uproot this high-flying family act once and for all. Get reacquainted with all of the lovable and quirky characters from the first three books as your favorite diabetic baker figures out if she’ll achieve her greatest goal of all: Will Emma, at last, become FINALLY the Bride?

Download your copy for just $3.99 by clicking here.


Book One: Always the Baker, Never the Bride

Book Two: Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride

Book Three: Always the Designer, Never the Bride


Song of ErinCloth of Heaven and Ashes of Lace, the two books that make up B. J. Hoff’s Song of Erin series have been combined into one saga-length volume entitled, Song of Erin.

The mysteries of the past confront the secrets of the present in bestselling author BJ Hoff’s magnificent Song of Erin saga. In her own unique style, Hoff spins a panoramic story that crosses the ocean from Ireland to America, featuring two of her most memorable characters. In this tale of struggle and love and uncompromising faith, Jack Kane, the always charming but sometimes ruthless titan of New York’s most powerful publishing empire, is torn between the conflict of his own heart and the grace and light of Samantha Harte, the woman he loves, whose own troubled past continues to haunt her. Originally published to strong sales nearly a decade ago, this new edition combines two of BJ’s best novels into one saga-length volume. “The Song of Erin contains some of my favorite characters.

This story–and its people–hold a very special place in my heart.” BJ Hoff

Check out this trailer for the book:

Download your copy for just $3.03 today by clicking here.


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