Super E-Book Deals for Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paradise ValleyFREE TODAY – Dale Cramer’s, Paradise Valleythe first book in The Daughters of Caleb Bender series is free today for Kindle.

An Amish settlement in Ohio has run afoul of a law requiring their children to attend public school. Caleb Bender and his neighbors are arrested for neglect, with the state ordering the children be placed in an institution. Among them are Caleb’s teenage daughter, Rachel, and the boy she has her eye on, Jake Weaver. Romance blooms between the two when Rachel helps Jake escape the children’s home.

Searching for a place to relocate his family where no such laws apply, Caleb learns there’s inexpensive land for sale in Mexico, a place called Paradise Valley. Despite rumors of instability in the wake of the Mexican revolution, the Amish community decides this is their answer. And since it was Caleb’s idea, he and his family will be the pioneers. They will send for the others once he’s established a foothold and assessed the situation.

Caleb’s daughters are thrown into turmoil. Rachel doesn’t want to leave Jake. Her sister, Emma, who has been courting Levi Mullet, fears her dreams of marriage will be dashed. Miriam has never had a beau and is acutely aware there will be no prospects in Mexico.

Once there, they meet Domingo, a young man and guide who takes a liking to Miriam, something her father would never approve. While Paradise Valley is everything they’d hoped it would be, it isn’t long before the bandits start giving them trouble, threatening to upset the fledgling Amish settlement, even putting their lives in danger. Thankfully no one has been harmed so far, anyway.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.


Book Two: The Captive Heart

Book Three: Though Mountains Fall


FREE TODAY – Ted Dekker’s Identitybook one in the Eyes Wide Open series is free today for Kindle.

Who am I? 
My name is Christy Snow. I’m seventeen and I’m about to die.
I’m buried in a coffin under tons of concrete. No one knows where I am. My heart sounds like a monster with clobber feet, running straight toward me. I’m lying on my back, soaked with sweat from the hair on my head to the soles of my feet. My hands and feet won’t stop shaking.
Some will say that I m not really here. Some will say I’m delusional. Some will say that I don t even exist. But who are they? I’m the one buried in a grave.
My name is Christy Snow. I’m seventeen. I’m about to die.
So who are you? 
In a return to the kind of storytelling that made Black, Showdown and Three unforgettable, Ted Dekker drags that question into the light with this modern day parable about how we see ourselves.
Humming with intensity and blindsided twists, Eyes Wide Open is raw adrenaline from the first page to the last pure escapism packed with inescapable truth. Not all is as it seems. Or is it? Strap yourself in for the ride of your life. Literally. (Young Adult)

Download your free copy of Identity by clicking here.


Book Two: Mirrors

Book Three: Unseen

Book Four: Seer


FREE TODAY – Bob Saffrin’s, Elijah, Steps to a Life of Poweris free today for Kindle.

This book is a guide, tracking the life of the Old Testament prophet Elijah, to discover God’s plan for us, and learn how to receive his power to accomplish that plan.

Each of our lives is a story with a sum total that adds up to something. What does your life add up to so far? What will people say about you when your story ends? Will you make a difference? When people talked about Elijah, they said that the purpose of his life was to turn the hearts of the people back to the worship of the one true God. They said that his mission was: “…to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.”
God has given you a purpose and a mission as well. God has a plan for every life. My hope for you as you read this book is that when you are done you will not be satisfied, but hungry, hungry to hear the infinite God of the universe speak to you as a lover speaks to his bride. I pray that you will finish, panting for more.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

Lazarus ManFREE TODAY – Scott Toney’,s Lazarus, Man is free today for Kindle.

This is the story of Lazarus of Bethany, told through tale and tribulation.
There was a void in the world around him, without light or sound.
A heaviness weighed on Lazarus’ soul as he grasped for being. He sensed in the darkness there had been light only moments before but he could not grasp what that light was.
Suddenly he felt a pulse in his chest. Something heavy held his body firm. Memories flooded through his mind of heat, cattle… family. Where are my sisters? What has happened to me?
The world was somehow wrong.
He tried to move but found he could not, could not raise the heaviness above him. He smelt earth.
Then, with a thrust, he pushed his bound arms out of the cave soil he was buried in and braced them on the earth, using his weakened strength to pull upward. Earth caved in about him as he rose from his grave, his arms and legs bound with bandages. There was a cloth over his face he could not remove. He saw a faint light before him through the cloth.
“Lazarus, come out,” a voice beckoned.
He walked slowly in his bandages toward the light and could feel a warm breeze move about him. The sun radiated in the cloth over his eyes.
“Unbind him, and let him go,” the voice returned.
He felt coarse hands on his arms as bandages were unwrapped from him. Coolness came over his skin where they had been. Lazarus breathed heavily, unsure of what was happening. He had a vague memory of being sick before this. He was barely aware of who he was.
The cloth over his face was pulled away and he squinted as sunlight blinded him. A bearded man with long wavy hair stood in the light. Jesus, he thought in disbelief as the man approached, placing his palm on Lazarus’ forehead.
“You are healed, brother,” Jesus told him as Lazarus’ sisters rushed to his side. “You are still needed in this world.” There was a crowd gathered beyond the cave’s entrance.
“Brother…” Martha cried and kissed his cheek. Her soft hands grasped one of his. Tears streamed down her face. “What a blessing…”
Mary had embraced him and was kneeling before Jesus now. “Thank you, Jesus. How could we doubt you are the son of God?”
“Rise, sister,” Jesus told her. “There is no need to kneel for me. God’s grace is given freely. It is him who we should praise.”
“And through you he has raised our brother from his tomb. We are forever in your debt.”
Jesus took her hand and helped her to rise. “All I ask is your belief and your mouths to spread God’s word in the coming days. Our people will soon face days when believing is much harder than it is now. But come, let us rejoice in what God has done.”
He turned to Lazarus, embracing him. Lazarus felt the warmth of the man and felt his sense of confusion change to a feeling of peace. When Jesus pulled his arms away Lazarus walked out into the sun, through the awestruck crowd toward his home.
A sheep baaed as he passed. He opened the front door to his home and headed to his room, lying down on his straw bed, closing his eyes and giving in to darkness and rest.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

fairier than morningSUPER DEAL – SAVE 81% – ONLY $2.99

Rosslyn Elliott’s, Fairer Than Morningbook one in the A Saddler’s Legacy series, is only $2.99 on Kindle today.

Ann dreams of a marriage proposal from her poetic suitor, Eli-until Will Hanby shows her that nobility is more than fine words.

On a small farm in 19th-century Ohio, young Ann Miller is pursued by the gallant Eli Bowen, son of a prominent family. Eli is the suitor of Ann’s dreams. Like her, he enjoys poetry and beautiful things and soon, he will move to the city to become a doctor.

Ann travels to Pittsburgh, accompanying her father on business. There she meets Will Hanby, a saddle-maker’s apprentice. Will has spent years eking out an existence under a cruel master and his spirit is nearly broken. But Ann’s compassion lights a long-dark part of his soul. Through his encounters with Ann’s father, a master saddler, Will discovers new hope and courage in the midst of tremendous adversity.

When the Millers must return to Ohio and their ministry there, Will resolves to find them, at any cost. If Will can make it back to Ann, will she be waiting?

Download your free copy for just $2.99 by clicking here.


Book Two: Sweeter Than Birdsong ($8.79)

Book Three: Lovelier Than Daylight ($9.99)

sacrilege-hugh-halterSUPER DEAL – SAVE 87% – ONLY $1.99

Sacrilege (Shapevine): Finding Life in the Unorthodox Ways of Jesus is available today for just $1.99 for Kindle.

It is safe to say most Christians do not live like Jesus did, have the same influence on people he had, or draw even the slightest curiosity from the on-looking world. Jesus’s ability to woo people to him and win their hearts was directly related to how he challenged their assumptions about religion. He not only gave them a unique, personal way to follow him but also showed them how to participate with him in his mission.

Sacrilege helps readers rethink what it really means to become like Jesus. It exposes the patterns of thinking that have held the church hostage for years and inspires readers to rethink the way they understand Scripture, family, spiritual formation, conversion, church, sin, and more.

Download your copy today for just $1.99 by clicking here.

Living the ResurrectionSUPER DEAL – SAVE 88% – ONLY $1.99

Eugene Peterson’s, Living the Resurrection: The Risen Christ in an Everyday Life (Maranatha Novels)is only $1.99 today for Kindle.

From the Back Cover

If you celebrate Christ’s resurrection only one day of the year, you’re missing something big. After the resurrection of Jesus, nothing is the same. That truth can become personal for you through the pages of this latest work by Eugene Peterson, beloved pastor, scholar, and translator of The Message. Dr. Peterson takes you back to Jesus’ time so you can experience the Resurrection through the eyes of the biblical witnesses. You’ll be a participant in the story, so its meaning and wonder can enliven your soul as never before. Christ’s friends were utterly transformed by his resurrection. Their friendship, their work, and even their meals together took on a new meaning and purpose. The same can happen to us today. When the Resurrection becomes the core reality of our spiritual formation, our dimmed eyes and dull souls are lifted to a place of continual renewal. Join Eugene Peterson on this pursuit of a more profound spiritual formation, founded on the wonder of Christ’s resurrection. You’ll discover what life is like when every day is Resurrection Day.

Download your copy for just $1.99 by clicking here.


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