Super E-Book Deals for Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Jerk Magnet Cover imageFREE TODAY – Melody Carlson’s book The Jerk Magnet, book one in the Life at Kinston High Series is free today for Kindle.

When Chelsea Martin’s future stepmother helps her transform from gawky and geeky into the hottest girl at her new school, Chelsea is pretty sure it’s the best thing that ever happened to her. But her hot new look has a downside. She’s attracting lots of guys who all have one thing in common: they’re jerks. And stealing the attention of all the guys in school doesn’t endear her to the girls either.

Chelsea finally finds a true friend in Janelle Parker, and a non-jerk, Nicholas, catches her eye. Janelle keeps telling her to be herself, but Nicholas is the only guy around who doesn’t give her a second look. Can Chelsea and Janelle come up with a plan to get his attention? Or will Chelsea’s new image ruin everything?

Teen favorite and bestselling author Melody Carlson helps girls uncover the real source of beauty in this true-to-life story of young love, friendship, and being yourself.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.


Book Two: The Best Friend

Book Three: Prom Queen

Bright Purple

FREE TODAY – Melody Carlson’s Bright Purple: Color Me Confused is available for free today for Kindle. This book is part of the TRUECOLORS series, which are written for Christian teenagers to help them think through big issues that they will deal with in their lives.

This book covers a controversial subject.

Jessica LeCroix drops a bomb on her best friend, Ramie: “I’m a lesbian.” Ramie Grant cannot believe her ears. Jess!? Her best friend, her teammate…a homosexual?

Before long other girls on the basketball team find out, and little jokes become vicious attacks. In the end, Ramie must decide if she will stand by Jessica’s side or turn her back on a friend in need.

The tenth book in the teen fiction series True  Colors, Bright Purple examines the subjects of sexuality, identity, and forgiveness. Includes discussion questions.

Includes bonus chapter taken from Blade Silver by Melody Carlson.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.


true colors line 450

Loneliness: Dark Blue: Color Me Lonely ($8.39)

Jealousy: Deep Green: Color Me Jealous ($8.99)

Virginity: Torch Red: Color Me Torn ($7.99)

Divorce: Bitter Rose: Color Me Crushed ($7.99)

Materialism: Fool’s Gold: Color Me Consumed ($7.99)

Cutting: Blade Silver: Color Me Scarred ($9.68)

Body Image/Eating Disorders: Faded Denim: Color Me Trapped ($8.39)

Peer Pressure: Harsh Pink ($7.99)

Alcohol Abuse: Burnt Orange: Color Me Wasted ($9.99)

Grief/Suicide: Pitch Black: Color Me Lost ($9.68)

Spiritual Warfare: Moon White: Color Me Enchanted ($9.99)

Always YesterdayFREE TODAY – Jeri Odell’s Always Yesterdaypart of the Truly Your’s Series of books is free today for Kindle.

As a female cop, Delanie Cooper is on her most difficult assignment yet. To stop a baby-selling ring, she goes undercover as an unmarried, pregnant teen. Her new partner, Eli Logan, plays the father. With his rugged good looks, Delanie doesn’t have to fake attraction, but Eli’s rough exterior and bitterness toward women make it hard even to be friends. Eli is outraged at having another female partner. His last one nearly got him killed, and she wasn’t the first woman to let him down. He’s sure he’ll never need another woman in his life or anyone else, not even God. His past has shown him he can only count on himself. Amidst danger and deceit can Eli forget the pain of yesterday to see something different in Delanie? And will he come to know God, the only One who will never let him down?

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

But for GraceFREE TODAY – Tracey Bateman’s, But for Graceis free today for Kindle.

With Mama dead and no way to provide for herself, Star Campbell barely escaped from Luke’s Saloon and ran straight into Michael Riley’s arms. Suddenly doors open for her to start a new and better life. The only hitch is, she has a secret past that she cannot shake. Michael Riley is a simple farmer. Once burnt badly by love, the last thing he’s about to fall for is a beautiful woman. When his chivalrous streak has him take Star into his home, she wins both his mother’s and daughter’s hearts. God forgives and forgets – but can man?

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

City of AngelsSUPER DEAL – ONLY 99 CENTS

Tracie Peterson and James Scott Bell have teamed up to author, City of Angels, book one in the Trials of Kit Shannon series.

The courtrooms of 1903 Los Angeles are a man’s world–until Kit Shannon arrives

With shoulders squared and dreams set high, Kit Shannon arrives in Los Angeles feeling a special calling to the law. Yet under the care of her socialite aunt, Kit quickly comes to realize that few understand her burning desire to seek justice and practice a profession known only to men. When her aunt adamantly refuses to support her unconventional career aspirations, Kit questions whether she is truly following God’s will. And when her growing love for a man pledged to another threatens scandal, Kit knows her days might be numbered in Los Angeles.

A chance meeting with Earl Rogers, the city’s most prominent criminal lawyer, garners Kit an apprentice position. And work on a notorious murder case. Someone has been killing prostitutes in Los Angeles, but Kit is certain it is not Rogers’ client. Determined to find the truth, Kit runs full on into forces that want to stop her, forces that stretch all the way to the citadels of power in the City of Angels.

“…a great story, historical fiction plus
legal thriller in the style of John Grisham.” –

“The plot is compelling, the
characters are real, and Kit’s faith is genuine. Highly recommended.” – Church

Historical Romantic Suspense

90,000 words
A CBA Bestseller

James Scott Bell is a multi-bestselling author and the winner of the Christy Award for Excellence. He is also the author of the #1 bestselling book for writers, Plot & Structure. He lives and writes in Los Angeles.

Tracie Peterson is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than 80 novels. Tracie also teaches writing workshops at a variety of conferences on subjects such as inspirational romance and historical research. She and her family live in Belgrade, Montana.

Download your copy for just 99 cents by clicking here.


Book Two: Angels Flight

Book Three: Angel of Mercy

Book Four: A Greater Glory

Book Five: A Higher Justice


SUPER DEAL – SAVE 40% – ONLY $15.00

The Life Application Study Bible has always been one of my favorites, and now it is available on Kindle for just $15.

Today’s best-selling study Bible—the Life Application Study Bible—is now available as an eBook! All the features of the latest edition are included and enhanced for digital reading. Now you can carry all the wealth of the Life Application Study Bible with you wherever you go.


  • 240 full-color maps
  • Over 160,000 embedded links make browsing a snap
  • Digital index for fast search and look-up
  • Over 9000 Life Application notes
  • 324 Charts formatted for ease-of-use on digital devices
  • 161 Personality Profiles
  • Comprehensive Master Index, Dictionary/Concordance, and Feature Indexes

Christian Worker’s Resource, a special supplement to enhance the reader’s ministry effectiveness, includes: How to Become a Believer, How to Follow Up with a New Believer, Mining the Treasures of the Life Application Study Bible, So You’ve Been Asked to Speak, and Taking the Step to Application.

Download your copy for just $15 by clicking here.

delieverusSUPER DEAL – SAVE 86% – ONLY $1.99

David Zimmerman’s, Deliver Us From Me-Ville is available  for Kindle for just $1.99 today.

Welcome to Me-Ville, where you’re surrounded by a culture that celebrates and elevates the individual. The You Utopia where your home, place of work, and even your place of worship, is customized to your discerning tastes. A super-exclusive club where Self and Pride party, and Sacrifice and Humility can’t get past the velvet ropes. A place where it’s all about you.

But is life supposed to be this way? Author David Zimmerman takes us on a hilarious and honest trip through Me-Ville, while sharing the escape routes that lead out. David traces our self-loving lineage and examines prideful people in Scripture who were changed through God’s power. Throughout, you’ll encounter the powerful, progressive redemption from self that only Christ can offer.

Download your copy for just $1.99 by clicking here.


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