Super E-Book Deals for Tuesday, January 29, 2013

towardFREE TODAY – We’re starting today’s deals with a 2003 Christy Award Winner for Excellence in Christian Fiction. Toward a New Beginning is book one in the Arkansas Valley Series by r. William Rogers.

Although Sam Bartlett enjoyed a successful horse-supplying business in Independence, Missouri, he was none-the-less envious of the hundreds of folks who passed through on their way west. Unable to stand it any longer, he convinces his wife, Judith, to pull up stakes, pack up their three-year-old son, Tom, and accompany him on a journey that turns out to be much more than either of them could have imagined.

The trek quickly develops into one of extreme hardship and survival that is further complicated by: dangerous weather, raging river crossings, unique personalities in the wagons, hostile Indian attacks, hunger, water shortage vengeance, courage, romance, and biblical principles.

The determined traveler’s abilitiy to effectively defend themselves is pushed to the very limits as One Eye’s maurading warriors harrass and attack them repeatedly, with devastating results. With four of the train’s beloved children having been taken captive, the inner strength of the beleagured pioneers is sorely tested and a handful of the men set out to recover the children.

After valiant attempts to rescue their children fail miserably, they are forced to return empty-handed. Against all that is held sacred, the members of the wagon train are forced to leave them behind while they do their best to evade the heathens and continue their struggle for survival with barely enough water left to keep the animals going.

With all hope of ever seeing their children again now gone, it is the valor and ingenuity of the beautiful Comanche woman, Birsdong, that is yet to be heard from.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

I Have lovedFREE TODAY – From beloved author Cynthia Healed, known for her Becoming a Woman of . . . series of devotionals, comes I Have Loved You: Getting to Know the Father’s Hearta powerful exploration of what it really means to have an intimate relationship with God and the transforming difference it makes in our lives. Through twenty-eight short chapters, discover the richness of God’s encouraging words, His listening ear, His faithful presence, and His joyful embrace. Thought-provoking questions and journaling space will guide you on a deeply personal journey into God’s loving heart for you.

Just published on January 15 of this year, this book is available for free for a very limited time.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

appetizersFREE TODAY – Super Bowl prep continues with this great little recipe book just in time for Sunday’s big game.

From Amazon – Kristie Chiles’ Appetizers – Easy Game Day Appetizers from Sweet Southern Mama includes 15 Lip-Smackin’ Stomach Growlin’, Hurry and Serve Some Appetizers! On Football Game Day or any Special occasion, you need some hot, delicious, mouth-watering appetizers that are easy appetizers to whip up!

When you are ready to watch some football, basketball, or entertain for any reason at all, you will watch some piping hot, delicious aroma from the kitchen as you load these bad boys onto your big ‘ol gigantic platter to serve.

Down here in the South, easy appetizers are the quick call of the day when you want some “finger foods” that don’t take much “fixin” but take a whole lot of “grinnin.” This is “good stuff” as we say and when you are talking about recipes such as these, you will want to run home and fire up the oven.

These are easy appetizers that don’t take much preparation. I love the fact that they are easy, smell good, taste good and look pretty all at the same time. You will be so proud to share these.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

Super Bowl 47 eBook coverFREE TODAY – Here is another Super Bowl prep book. Super Bowl 47 – The Girls Guide to the Big Gameby Leslie J. Thompson and Ross Smeltzer is designed for the beginning football fan.

Here is Amazon’s description of this book – As a woman, you might think that football just isn’t for you—that it’s a boy’s game. But, you would be surprised to learn how many women are really into the sport. In fact, 46% of viewers for last year’s Super Bowl were female! Even so, many women still don’t know much about football and may feel left out on Super Bowl Sunday. If you’re one of them, then this eBook is for you! 

Super Bowl 47 – The Girl’s Guide to the Big Game includes an in-depth look at this year’s contenders and featured entertainers. In addition, the eBook offers a primer in the rules of football, a brief history of the Super Bowl, a run-down of Super Bowl 47 events in New Orleans, recipes for game-day fare, and tips from celebrity event planner Steve Kemble on throwing a successful Super Bowl Bash. Whether or not you know anything about the teams playing in this year’s championship game, you’re sure to have a blast watching all the action after reading this fun and informative eBook!

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

SUPER DEAL – 85% OFF – ONLY $3.74

Vick-BookMichael Vick is one of the most polarizing athletes alive today. The terrible choices he made as a gifted young quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons hurt so many people. In his autobiography Finally FreeVick opens up about those choices, his background, and the man that he is becoming today.

From Amazon – One of the most talented and polarizing athletes of our generation, Michael Vick’s stunning story has captured news headlines across the nation. From his poverty-stricken youth, to his success on the field in high school and college, to his rise to NFL stardom and his fall from grace, Finally Free shows how a gifted athlete’s life spiraled out of control under the glare of money and fame, aided by his own poor choices. In his own words, Vick details his regrets, his search for forgiveness, the moments of unlikely grace–and the brokenness that brought his redemption on the way to his celebrated return to the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Download your copy of this fascinating, uplifting and hope filled autobiography here for just $3.74.


jacob'sJacob’s Daughter is book number one in the Jacob’s Daughter Series that sold over 350,000 copies in 2012.

Twenty-eight-year-old LIZZIE BARLOW is running from her past and present mistakes. Not knowing which direction to go, she finds herself hiding out in the same Amish community in which she grew up. With her ten-year-old daughter Abby, in tow, she fears her secrets will catch up to her.
When ABBY discovers her real father may be living just down the road from where they are staying, she sets off on an adventure to meet him. What she doesn’t know are the many secrets that her mother never shared with her–the same secrets that will turn her life upside down.

JACOB YODER is an Amish widower, trying to raise his ten-year-old son, when his past shows up on his doorstep unexpectedly, threatening to change his life forever.

Will life ever be the same for Lizzie and Jacob again? Or will their mistakes change everything?

Download your copy for just 99 cents today by clicking here.
OctoberBabyNovelSUPER DEAL – SAVE 81% – ONLY $2.99
October Baby was a fantastic film and now you can download the novelization of that film in e-book form.
The film that broke the box office top ten even in limited release, October Baby tells the inspiring story of college student Hannah whose increasing anxiety and sudden collapse point to the surprising circumstances of her birth. Hannah soon learns from her parents she was adopted and is the survivor of a failed abortion attempt.

Bewildered, angry, and confused, Hannah turns for support to her oldest friend, Jason. Encouraged by his adventurous spirit, she joins his friends on a road trip, embarking on a journey to discover her hidden past and find hope for the unknown future.

Along the way, Hannah finds that every life is beautiful, and that life can be so much more than what we might have planned.

Download your copy today for just $2.99 by clicking here.

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