E-Book Deals for January 18, 2013

The 13th Resolution

FREE TODAY – Charles M. Sheldon is most famous for his classic work In His Steps, which has impacted multiple generations, most recently with the WWJD craze of a few years ago. In 1928, Sheldon published the short story, The 13th Resolutionwhich David C. Cook publishing has made available for free download today. This short story was written to encourage his readers to make their commitments stick, especially as they related to their local church. The book is a wonderful challenge to modern Christians to engage in community.

You can download The 13th Resolution here.


FREE TODAY – Since their Bible was published electronically, Crossway Books has given away the e-book version of the English Standard Version for free. If you are looking for a Bible that is both readable and accurate, this is a great choice. The scholarly work behind the English Standard Version of the Bible makes it one of the most true to the original language English translations available.

D.L. Moody once said, “This book will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from this book,” when referring to the Bible. It is like no other book and should be a part of every electronic library.

You can download the English Standard Version of the Bible here. 


FREE TODAY – Left Behind is the book that started it all for Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. The Left Behind series of books, written between 1995-2007 went on to sell more than 65 million copies.

Left Behind is an adrenalin packed thriller from the very first pages. Rayford Steele, an airline pilot is flying his jet when passengers begin to disappear and planes start to fall out of the sky. Talk about the start of a great book! Download the book that started it all and get your weekend started with some adventure.

Download your copy here.


SUPER DEAL – 82% OFF – ONLY $2.99

House brings together two of Christian fiction’s most prolific authors. Frank Peretti has been thrilling readers for decades and Ted Dekker is at the top of his game.

In House readers are thrown into a story where a killer has invented a twisted and deadly game. The only way to win is to lose and the only way out is in.

The stakes of the game become clear when a tin can is tossed into the house with rules scrawled on it. Rules that only a madman—or worse—could have written. Rules that make no sense yet must be followed.

One game. Seven players. Three rules. Game ends at dawn.

Download your copy for just $2.99 here.

The Skeptical Student

SUPER DEAL – $1.99

Tim Keller has been one of my favorite authors for several years. He is a New York Times Bestselling Author and Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. Keller possesses one of the sharpest minds that I know of. It is his skill of framing the Christian faith in a rationale, intellectual and personal way that has caused many people to call Tim Keller the C.S. Lewis of our generation.

Recently, Keller was approached by Penguin Books to write ten essays for those dealing with deep questions about the faith. The series of essays in entitled The Encounters With Jesus Series, with the first essay in the series being titled The Skeptical Student

One essay will be released each month over the course of the next several months. In The Skeptical Student, Keller takes a look at Nathanael’s life-changing encounter with Jesus in the Gospel of John. In the book, Keller looks at how Jesus answered the skeptic’s questions, and how Jesus brings meaning to the big questions of life like: Who are we? Why are we here? Why be a good person? Why love instead of hate?

Download your copy for just $1.99 here.

The Insider

SUPER DEAL – $1.99

The Insider and The Outcast is the second essay in Keller’s The Encounters With Jesus Series.

In this essay, Keller takes a look at how Jesus dealt with Nicodemus, a member of the Jewish ruling council and a Samaritan woman who was living a very immoral life. Nicodemus represented the ultimate religious insider. The woman represents the outcast to the traditions of First Century Judaism.

In his essay, Keller deals with the subject of sin, and how Jesus, the Savior of the world deals with sinners.

Download your copy for just $1.99 here.


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