Super E-Book Deals for Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top10LeadershipCmdsFREE TODAY – Hans Finzel is a legendary author on leadership. His The Top Ten Leadership Commandments is free today on Kindle.

Based on the life and legacy of Moses, Hans presents ten scriptural principles that can revolutionize your business, your ministry, even your life.
The life of Moses provides a master study on what it means to be an effective leader. Consider his pedigree: Answered the call to do something beyond his means; stood his ground before kings; led millions of people on a journey across rivers and through deserts. Moses did this all with a dogged persistence that would not give up. You will discover a dynamic, effective tool for developing leadership skills, all built on the solid foundation of God’s word.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

15SIMPLEFREE TODAY – Rick Schworer’s 15 Simple Steps To Losing Your Salvation is a welcome addition to the works of theology on the doctrine of eternal security.

Have you ever wondered, “Am I really saved?” Maybe you remember the time you said a prayer and asked Jesus into your heart, but since then you have questioned whether you really got saved at all. Or could it be that you know you got saved, but you fear that you could never live a life good enough to hold onto that gift.

Everyone at some point in time wonders what will become of them after they die. This uncertainty can especially plague and haunt someone who, though being a child of God, wonders if there is hope for their future. To the person who struggles with the security of their salvation, the prospect of any assurance or peace seems futile without clear answers from Scripture.

Others have taken obscure verses out of the Bible to cast a thick and seemingly impenetrable shadow upon the doctrine of eternal security. God’s shining light will cut through the darkness as you are given clear guidelines for understanding some of the more difficult passages in the Bible, and the looming shadow of doubt will quickly vanish as you read the fifteen impossibilities that would have to take place to ever undo the miracles that God executed at the moment of salvation.

Ecclesiastes 3:14, “I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him.”

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

FaithandFinanceFREE TODAY – Our church has just finished a series on faith and finance. This book looks like a good one to go along with what we’ve been learning. In Faith and Finance:  Peace With or Without Prosperity, author Melissa Schworer takes the fear out of financial management and making ends meet by guiding the reader through God’s scriptural promises on provision. It is a straightforward approach to looking at your stewardship through God’s eyes, hitting key points like debt, retirement, giving, lending, multiple incomes, peace in the home, and much more.

A preacher once said, “Everyone is looking for peace. Everyone wants to take a deep breath and release a sigh of relief that is not just on the outside, but on the inside. That’s what we can have as Christians, but we have to appropriate what God has given to us to have that.”

This book will take you through a journey that will plow the ground of your heart, lay a new foundation of financial principles based on the word of God, and help enable you to weather the inevitable financial storms of life – with peace.

It doesn’t matter if your checking account is overflowing or empty, peace comes from knowing your footing is sure with every choice you make in your stewardship.

No longer do you have to feel like the double-minded man tossed to and fro, uncertain about every decision. You can raise your shield of faith against each fiery dart by resting on the scriptural principles found within Faith and Finance – Peace With or Without Prosperity.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

Walking_On_Broken_Glass_2FREE TODAY- Abingdon Press is making Christa Allen’s beautiful Walking on Broken Glass available for free today.

Leah Thornton’s life, like her Southern Living home, has great curb appeal. But a paralyzing encounter with a can of frozen apple juice in the supermarket shatters the façade, forcing her to admit that all is not as it appears. When her best friend gets in Leah’s face about her refusal to deal with her life and her drinking, Leah is forced to make a decision. Can this brand-conscious socialite walk away from the country club into 28 days of rehab? Can she leave what she has now to gain back what she needs? Joy, sadness, pain and a new strength converge, testing her marriage, her friendships and her faith.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

the-heroic-path-book-coverFREE TODAY – The Heroic Pathby David Krotje is a book for men. It is about charting your course out of failure and into purposeful living.

It is a newer book, and only has six ratings on Amazon, but each one of them is a 5 star rating.

In The Heroic Path, David Kortje invites men on a journey our of a life of failure and into one of truth, discovery, and restoration. Take a candid, biblical look at how your failures influence your life. Discover a new, Christ-centered identity that can overcome the life-crushing lies of the Enemy. And find out how God calls and equips any man to step out of failure into valor, purpose, and freedom.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.


Beloved author, Karen Kingsbury’s, Unclocked: A Love Storyis an Amazon daily deal today at just $1.99!

Before You Take a Stand … You Got to Take a Chance. Holden Harris is an eighteen-year-old locked in a prison of autism. Despite his quiet ways and quirky behaviors, Holden is very happy and socially normal—on the inside, in a private world all his own. In reality, he is bullied at school by kids who only see that he is very different. Ella Reynolds is part of the ‘in’ crowd. A cheerleader and star of the high school drama production, her life seems perfect. When she catches Holden listening to her rehearse for the school play, she is drawn to him … the way he is drawn to the music. Then, Ella makes a dramatic discovery—she and Holden were best friends as children. Frustrated by the way Holden is bullied, and horrified at the indifference of her peers, Ella decides to take a stand against the most privileged and popular kids at school. Including her boyfriend, Jake. Ella believes miracles can happen in the unlikeliest places, and that just maybe an entire community might celebrate from the sidelines. But will Holden’s praying mother and the efforts of Ella and a cast of theater kids be enough to unlock the prison that contains Holden? This time, friendship, faith, and the power of a song must be strong enough to open the doors to the miracle Holden needs.

Download your copy today for just $1.99 by clicking here.

circle-maker_front-sideSUPER DEAL – SAVE 73% – ONLY $3.99

Mark Batterson, the pastor of National Community Church in Washington D. C. is one of my favorite pastors. His best-selling Circle Makernow comes in an enhanced edition for Kindle. The enhanced edition includes audio and video on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices. This book has revolutionized the prayer life of many people I know.

According to Pastor Mark Batterson in this Zondervan ebook, The Circle Maker, “Drawing prayer circles around our dreams isn’t just a mechanism whereby we accomplish great things for God. It’s a mechanism whereby God accomplishes great things in us.” Do you ever sense that there’s far more to prayer, and to God’s vision for your life, than what you’re experiencing? It’s time you learned from the legend of Honi the circle maker—a man bold enough to draw a circle in the sand and not budge from inside it until God answered his prayers for his people. What impossibly big dream is God calling you to draw a prayer circle around? Sharing inspiring stories from his own experiences as a circle maker, Mark Batterson will help you uncover your heart’s deepest desires and God-given dreams and unleash them through the kind of audacious prayer that God delights to answer.

Download your copy for just $3.99 today by clicking here.

gospelSUPER DEAL – SAVE 80% – ONLY $2.99

J.D. Greear’s, Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary has received rave reviews.

Could the gospel be lost in evangelical churches? In this book, J.D. Greear shows how moralism and legalism have often eclipsed the gospel, even in conservative churches. Gospel cuts through the superficiality of religion and reacquaints you with the revolutionary truth of God’s gracious acceptance of us in Christ. The gospel is the power of God, and the only true source of joy, freedom, radical generosity, and audacious faith. The gospel produces in us what religion never could: a heart that desires God.

The book’s core is a “gospel prayer” by which you can saturate yourself in the gospel daily. Dwelling on the gospel will release in you new depths of passion for God and take you to new heights of obedience to Him. Gospel gives you an applicable, exciting vision of how God will use you to bring His healing to the world.

Download your copy today for just $2.99 by clicking here.

Check out this promotional video for the book:

wildernessSUPER DEAL – ONLY 99 CENTS

Anita Greene’s Out of the Wildernessis the first book in the new Seamount Series.

“A tug at the heart, a faith-filled journey, a delightful new talent. Most highly recommended.” Annette Blair, New York Times Bestselling Author

Former Navy SEAL Grayson Kerr’s honor has eroded working as a soldier for hire. His newfound faith in God has him longing to restore his integrity. His new mission is to qualify for a job with the SeaMount Agency. He wants to be one of the good guys. In the midst of a wilderness survival trial, he discovers a woman and her children lost in the forest. Abandoning his own mission in order to help them could disqualify him for the job.

Sophie Moore has fought to hold heart and home together since her husband’s death. To lose custody of her daughters to his influential parents would be her undoing. Determined to make every moment together count, Sophie plans a weekend away. Almost at their destination, she takes a wrong turn and becomes lost in a labyrinth of logging roads. The scruffy, hard-edged soldier that finds them is their only chance at survival.

From the wilderness of Maine to the SeaMount Agency headquarters on the coast of Rhode Island, Gray works to expose the criminal plot behind Sophie’s custody battle. He jeopardizes getting the job he wants for having the love of the woman he needs. Being a good guy may cost him his one shot at redemption.

Download your copy for just 99 cents today by clicking here.


Super E-Book Deals for Wednesday, January 30, 2013

yellowcrocusFREE TODAY – Yellow Crocus is Laila Ibrahim’s debut novel and it has received rave reviews from people who were surprised at how much beauty and pleasure they could derive from a story that is largely about slavery in the antebellum south.

In 1837, Lisbeth Wainwright is born to the white mistress of a sprawling Virginia plantation. Seconds later, she is delivered into the arms of her black wet nurse, Mattie. For a field hand like Mattie, her transfer to the big house is supposed to be considered an honor—except that the move tears Mattie away from her beloved grandfather and her infant son, Samuel. But Mattie is a slave, with no say in the matter, and so she devotes herself to her master’s daughter, though she longs to be raising her own child. Growing up under Mattie’s tender care, little Lisbeth adopts the woman’s deep-seated faith in God, her love of music and black-eyed peas, and the tradition of hunting for yellow crocuses in the early days of spring.

As the years pass, Lisbeth is drawn slowly back into her white parents’ world and begins to learn the ins and outs of life for a high-born young lady. Still she retains her connection to Mattie, befriending Samuel and drifting comfortably between the two worlds. She accepts her parents’ assertion that their slaves depend upon them for guidance and protection, yet that notion becomes more and more difficult to believe as she gains awareness of the inequality of life in the big house versus the slave quarters. When, on the threshold of her society wedding to debonair Edward Cunningham, Lisbeth bears witness to a shockingly brutal act, the final vestiges of her naiveté crumble around her. Just twenty-one years old, she is forced to choose between what is socially acceptable and what is right, a decision that will change her life forever.

This compelling historical novel chronicles young Lisbeth Wainwright’s coming-of-age during one of the most difficult chapters of American history. Lisbeth’s powerful bond with Mattie makes her loss of innocence in the face of society’s ugly secrets all the more heartbreaking, and yet it is the courage she learns from her stand in mother that enables Lisbeth to blaze a new path for herself. Yellow Crocus offers moving proof of how the greatest social change often blooms forth from small personal acts of love.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

llblossom_1338005257_600FREE TODAY – I saw one of those hokey posts on Facebook yesterday that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. It was comparing how people without kids think about “good times” and how people with kids think about “good times.” There isn’t much that’s better than having kids curled up on your lap engrossed in a good book.

Lily Lemon Blossom: Welcome to Lily’s Room is a beautifully illustrated book that your children are sure to enjoy.

Meet Lily Lemon Blossom, a delightful little girl who loves adventures and playing with her friends. Lily invites you to see her lovely room and meet her many friends, including Bunny Rabbit and Josephine her kitten who is always by her side. A quick peek into Lily’s room will tell you quite a lot about her. The room comes alive with it’s vibrant colors and huggable plush toys. It’s a happy place for a happy little girl and her friends.
Download your free copy today, and start reading to the kids or grandchildren in your life by clicking here.
Secrets of the HeartFREE TODAY – Jillian Kent’s, Secrets of the Heartbook number one in the Ravensmoore Chronicles is free today.

Madeline Whittington, daughter of the deceased Earl of Richfield, emerges from English society’s prescribed period of mourning in the winter of 1815. Madeline believes that she no longer belongs in a world of gossip and gowns; instead she wants to help the orphans living within the walls of Ashcroft Insane Asylum. Once there, she discovers a dark secret within the asylum walls.

Because of his elder brother’s unexpected death, Devlin Greyson becomes Earl of Ravensmoore and struggles between two worlds: one of affluence and privilege and one of poverty and disease. Torn between his desire to become a doctor and the numerous responsibilities of his title, he wrestles with God’s will for his future. Will he be able to honor this God-given gift and win the woman he falls in love with in a society that does not value gentlemen who work? And will Lady Madeline Whittington be able to honor her father’s memory when she is attracted to the one man who could destroy the promise she made to her father?

Download your free copy today by clicking here.


Book Two(33% Off – $9.39) : Chameleon 

Book Three (60% Off – $5.99): Mystery of the Heart 

Beside Two RiversFREE TODAY – Rita Gerlach’s Beside Two Rivers, book two in the Daughters of the Potomac seriesis a tale of love won and love lost, and the faith to find it again.

From the banks of the Potomac to the misty moors of England, Darcy follows a path where the secrets of the past slowly rise to the surface in this dramatic saga that began in Before the Scarlet Dawn. She meets Ethan Brennan, an aspiring English horse breeder, who embraces her independent spirit and marvels at the simplicity of her faith. Ethan and Darcy fall in love, but are kept apart by a promise to another and a sworn oath to a dying woman whose long-hidden secret threatens Darcy’s and Ethan’s lives.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.


Book One: Before the Scarlet Dawn


colinFREE TODAY – Want to add a little trivia fun to your Super Bowl Party? Want to  know more than the rest of your Super Bowl guests about the San Francisco 49’ers star quarterback Colin Kaepernick? Then download The Ultimate Colin Kaepernick Fun Fact and Trivia Book today.

Colin Kaepernick has taken the NFL by storm. After subbing for an injured Alex Smith, Kaepernick secured his spot as the 49’ers starting quarterback with fantastic play. He is a versatile player with running skills not seen by a quarterback in the NFL in some time. He has beat teams with both his legs and his arms. Now, find out more about him.

The Ultimate Colin Kaepernick Fun Fact and Trivia Book contains well over 150 pieces of trivia, little known information, and fun facts about this great young NFL star. This is perfect for you if you are curious about your favorite player, want to impress your co-workers, need information for a trivia contest, or even if you want to win a bet or two with family or friends. There are some hard to find tidbits in here including stuff related to his pro days, college days, and even his life away from football. This is exactly what the title says it is, the Ultimate Colin Kaepernick Fun Fact And Trivia Book.

Download your free copy today and get ready for your Super Bowl party by clicking here.

First AssassinSUPER DEAL – SAVE 69% – ONLY $4.99

Hillsdale College professor and National Review journalist, John J. Miller, has written what has to be my favorite read of 2012. The First Assassin is a well researched historical fiction thriller.

Winter 1861: the United States teeters on the brink of civil war. In Washington, D.C., Colonel Charles P. Rook is tapped to organize the district’s security and to protect president-elect Abraham Lincoln from the death threats pouring in to the White House. He surrounds the president with bodyguards and fills the city’s rooftops with sharpshooters, diligently investigating the conspiracies being fomented with increasing intensity by Southern secessionists. Yet amidst the chaos and confusion, a foreigner slips unnoticed into the teeming city. Hired by a wealthy Southern planter to eliminate President Lincoln and destroy the Union once and for all, the assassin catches Rook’s attention by cutting down anyone who gets in his way. As the bodies begin to pile up, Rook realizes he is caught in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with a cold-blooded killer who will stop at nothing to complete his mission. Rook’s only hope is Portia, a runaway slave who holds the key to the assassin’s identity—if she can stay alive long enough to deliver it. Packed with dynamic characters, rich period detail, and a chillingly sinister villain, The First Assassin is a riveting thriller for fans of historical fiction.

Download your copy for just $4.99, which is well worth the price, right now by clicking here.

does-prayer-change-things-r-c-sr-sproul-hardcover-cover-artSUPER DEAL – R.C. SPROUL’S CRUCIAL QUESTIONS SERIES – ONLY $3.20-$5.99 EACH

I have had a lot of discussions lately about prayer and other crucial questions about the Christian faith. Dr. R. C. Sproul is the founder and chairman of Ligonier Minis­tries, an international Christian education ministry based near Orlando, Florida. He also serves as senior minister of preaching and teach­ing at Saint Andrews in Sanford, Florida, and as the president of the Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies. His teaching can be heard on the daily radio program Renewing Your Mind.

He is the author of more than seventy books, including The Holiness of God, Chosen by God, The Invisible Hand, Faith Alone, A Taste of Heaven, Truths We Confess, The Truth of the Cross, and The Prayer of the Lord. He also served as general editor of The Reformation Study Bible and has written several childrens books, including The Princes Poison Cup.

Several years ago, Sproul authored a series of books entitled the Crucial Questions Series. Each book answers crucial questions about the Christian faith. In Does Prayer Change Things?  Sproul tackles the difficult question of how an all-knowing God is influenced by prayer.

Does prayer make any difference? Does it really change anything? Yes, says Dr. R. C. Sproul in this Crucial Questions booklet. Though we cannot hope that our prayers will change God’s mind, prevailing upon Him to act against His will, we can be sure that prayer does change things including our own hearts. Plus, it is one of the chief means by which God carries out His will in the world.

For these reasons, Dr. Sproul argues, prayer has a vital place in the life of the Christian. In short chapters packed with practical wisdom, he unveils the purpose, the pattern, the practice, the prohibitions, and the power of prayer, calling Christians to come before God’s presence with joy and hope.

Download your copy of Does Prayer Change Things? here for just $3.80.


Book One: Who Is Jesus?

Book Two: Can I Trust the Bible?

Book Three: Does Prayer Change Things?

Book Four: Can I Know God’s Will?

Book Five: How Should I Live In This World? – $5.99

Book Six: What Does It Mean to Be Born Again?

Book Seven: Can I Be Sure I’m Saved?

Book Eight: What Is Faith?

Book Nine: What Can I Do With My Guilt?

Book Ten: What Is The Trinity?

Book Eleven: What is Baptism?

Book Twelve: Can I Have Joy in My Life? – $3.20

Book Thirteen: Who Is The Holy Spirit? – $3.20

Book Fourteen: Does God Control Everything – $3.20

i_beat_the-odds2011-book-cover-med-big-ver2SUPER DEAL – SAVE 38% – ONLY $9.99

Super Bowl Week book deals continue. This time it’s Baltimore Raven’s Right Tackle, Michael Oher’s story. You’ve seen the Academy Award Winning Film, The Blind Side that tells the story of Oher. Now read his autobiography. In I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness to the Blind Side and Beyond, the football star made famous in the hit film (and book) The Blind Side reflects on how far he has come from the circumstances of his youth. Michael Oher shares his personal account of his story, in this inspirational New York Times bestseller.

Looking back on how he went from being a homeless child in Memphis to playing in the NFL, Michael talks about the goals he had to break out of the cycle of poverty, addiction, and hopelessness that trapped his family. Eventually he grasped onto football as his ticket out and worked hard to make his dream into a reality. With his adoptive family, the Touhys, and other influential people in mind, he describes the absolute necessity of seeking out positive role models and good friends who share the same values to achieve one’s dreams. Sharing untold stories of heartache, determination, courage, and love, I Beat the Odds is an incredibly rousing tale of one young man’s quest to achieve the American dream.

Download Oher’s inspiring story today for just $9.99 by clicking here.


The Road BackSuper E-Book Deals is based in Minnesota, where Adrian Peterson’s improbable comeback from major ACL surgery to domination in the NFL season was quite the story.

The Road Back: Adrian Peterson’s Path to Recovery and Domination in the NFLis a Star Tribune E-Book.

Adrian Peterson had major surgery on his left knee on Dec. 30, 2011, making it unlikely the Vikings’ All-Pro running back would be ready for the start of the 2012 NFL season. He vowed to return better than ever, even as his team tried to temper enthusiasm. Over the past year, Star Tribune writers chronicled Peterson’s offseason recovery, his impatient training camp, his return to the field and the remarkable second half of his season. The Road Back brings together the Star Tribune’s exclusive coverage of Peterson’s pursuit of NFL records and efforts to lead his team into the playoffs.

Download your copy for just $2.99 today by clicking here.

Super E-Book Deals for Tuesday, January 29, 2013

towardFREE TODAY – We’re starting today’s deals with a 2003 Christy Award Winner for Excellence in Christian Fiction. Toward a New Beginning is book one in the Arkansas Valley Series by r. William Rogers.

Although Sam Bartlett enjoyed a successful horse-supplying business in Independence, Missouri, he was none-the-less envious of the hundreds of folks who passed through on their way west. Unable to stand it any longer, he convinces his wife, Judith, to pull up stakes, pack up their three-year-old son, Tom, and accompany him on a journey that turns out to be much more than either of them could have imagined.

The trek quickly develops into one of extreme hardship and survival that is further complicated by: dangerous weather, raging river crossings, unique personalities in the wagons, hostile Indian attacks, hunger, water shortage vengeance, courage, romance, and biblical principles.

The determined traveler’s abilitiy to effectively defend themselves is pushed to the very limits as One Eye’s maurading warriors harrass and attack them repeatedly, with devastating results. With four of the train’s beloved children having been taken captive, the inner strength of the beleagured pioneers is sorely tested and a handful of the men set out to recover the children.

After valiant attempts to rescue their children fail miserably, they are forced to return empty-handed. Against all that is held sacred, the members of the wagon train are forced to leave them behind while they do their best to evade the heathens and continue their struggle for survival with barely enough water left to keep the animals going.

With all hope of ever seeing their children again now gone, it is the valor and ingenuity of the beautiful Comanche woman, Birsdong, that is yet to be heard from.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

I Have lovedFREE TODAY – From beloved author Cynthia Healed, known for her Becoming a Woman of . . . series of devotionals, comes I Have Loved You: Getting to Know the Father’s Hearta powerful exploration of what it really means to have an intimate relationship with God and the transforming difference it makes in our lives. Through twenty-eight short chapters, discover the richness of God’s encouraging words, His listening ear, His faithful presence, and His joyful embrace. Thought-provoking questions and journaling space will guide you on a deeply personal journey into God’s loving heart for you.

Just published on January 15 of this year, this book is available for free for a very limited time.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

appetizersFREE TODAY – Super Bowl prep continues with this great little recipe book just in time for Sunday’s big game.

From Amazon – Kristie Chiles’ Appetizers – Easy Game Day Appetizers from Sweet Southern Mama includes 15 Lip-Smackin’ Stomach Growlin’, Hurry and Serve Some Appetizers! On Football Game Day or any Special occasion, you need some hot, delicious, mouth-watering appetizers that are easy appetizers to whip up!

When you are ready to watch some football, basketball, or entertain for any reason at all, you will watch some piping hot, delicious aroma from the kitchen as you load these bad boys onto your big ‘ol gigantic platter to serve.

Down here in the South, easy appetizers are the quick call of the day when you want some “finger foods” that don’t take much “fixin” but take a whole lot of “grinnin.” This is “good stuff” as we say and when you are talking about recipes such as these, you will want to run home and fire up the oven.

These are easy appetizers that don’t take much preparation. I love the fact that they are easy, smell good, taste good and look pretty all at the same time. You will be so proud to share these.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

Super Bowl 47 eBook coverFREE TODAY – Here is another Super Bowl prep book. Super Bowl 47 – The Girls Guide to the Big Gameby Leslie J. Thompson and Ross Smeltzer is designed for the beginning football fan.

Here is Amazon’s description of this book – As a woman, you might think that football just isn’t for you—that it’s a boy’s game. But, you would be surprised to learn how many women are really into the sport. In fact, 46% of viewers for last year’s Super Bowl were female! Even so, many women still don’t know much about football and may feel left out on Super Bowl Sunday. If you’re one of them, then this eBook is for you! 

Super Bowl 47 – The Girl’s Guide to the Big Game includes an in-depth look at this year’s contenders and featured entertainers. In addition, the eBook offers a primer in the rules of football, a brief history of the Super Bowl, a run-down of Super Bowl 47 events in New Orleans, recipes for game-day fare, and tips from celebrity event planner Steve Kemble on throwing a successful Super Bowl Bash. Whether or not you know anything about the teams playing in this year’s championship game, you’re sure to have a blast watching all the action after reading this fun and informative eBook!

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

SUPER DEAL – 85% OFF – ONLY $3.74

Vick-BookMichael Vick is one of the most polarizing athletes alive today. The terrible choices he made as a gifted young quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons hurt so many people. In his autobiography Finally FreeVick opens up about those choices, his background, and the man that he is becoming today.

From Amazon – One of the most talented and polarizing athletes of our generation, Michael Vick’s stunning story has captured news headlines across the nation. From his poverty-stricken youth, to his success on the field in high school and college, to his rise to NFL stardom and his fall from grace, Finally Free shows how a gifted athlete’s life spiraled out of control under the glare of money and fame, aided by his own poor choices. In his own words, Vick details his regrets, his search for forgiveness, the moments of unlikely grace–and the brokenness that brought his redemption on the way to his celebrated return to the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Download your copy of this fascinating, uplifting and hope filled autobiography here for just $3.74.


jacob'sJacob’s Daughter is book number one in the Jacob’s Daughter Series that sold over 350,000 copies in 2012.

Twenty-eight-year-old LIZZIE BARLOW is running from her past and present mistakes. Not knowing which direction to go, she finds herself hiding out in the same Amish community in which she grew up. With her ten-year-old daughter Abby, in tow, she fears her secrets will catch up to her.
When ABBY discovers her real father may be living just down the road from where they are staying, she sets off on an adventure to meet him. What she doesn’t know are the many secrets that her mother never shared with her–the same secrets that will turn her life upside down.

JACOB YODER is an Amish widower, trying to raise his ten-year-old son, when his past shows up on his doorstep unexpectedly, threatening to change his life forever.

Will life ever be the same for Lizzie and Jacob again? Or will their mistakes change everything?

Download your copy for just 99 cents today by clicking here.
OctoberBabyNovelSUPER DEAL – SAVE 81% – ONLY $2.99
October Baby was a fantastic film and now you can download the novelization of that film in e-book form.
The film that broke the box office top ten even in limited release, October Baby tells the inspiring story of college student Hannah whose increasing anxiety and sudden collapse point to the surprising circumstances of her birth. Hannah soon learns from her parents she was adopted and is the survivor of a failed abortion attempt.

Bewildered, angry, and confused, Hannah turns for support to her oldest friend, Jason. Encouraged by his adventurous spirit, she joins his friends on a road trip, embarking on a journey to discover her hidden past and find hope for the unknown future.

Along the way, Hannah finds that every life is beautiful, and that life can be so much more than what we might have planned.

Download your copy today for just $2.99 by clicking here.

Super E-Book Deals for Monday, January 28, 2013

themostimportantFREE TODAY- David C. Cook is offering Mark Steele’s, The Most Important Thing Happening through midnight on Tuesday.

Fantastical Stories of Timeless Truths
A boardwalk peddler selling one ounce of God. A gentle mute who unwittingly triggers a tragic chain of events. Two businessmen declaring war over the Very Last Sandwich in the Entire World.
The characters in the eleven short stories of The Most Important Thing Happening move through the whimsical, the mysterious, and the introspective toward the hope your soul longs for.
So allow these stories to unfold before you one at a time. Chew on them. Let them haunt you. Go ahead and make a few fictional friends. Take a look at the world in a new way. You may come out the other side transformed.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

mckenzie-by-penny-zellerFREE TODAY – Penny Zeller’s, McKenzie, is book number one in the Montana Skies Christian Historical Romance Series.

For those who love inspirational romance novels set in the late 1800s…Desperate times call for desperate measures is the reasoning that prompts McKenzie Worthington, a young lady of Boston’s high society, to respond to an ad for a mail-order bride for a man in the Montana Territory. McKenzie is desperate, after all, to save her beloved younger sister, Kaydie, from her evil, abusive husband, who robs banks for a living. And so, it is with reckless determination that McKenzie runs away from the comforts of home and hearth to head West and meet her new husband-whom she’ll divorce, of course, after she rescues her sister.

Desperate times call for desperate measures is the reasoning that also prompts Zachary Sawyer, a rugged rancher after God’s own heart, to post an ad for a mail-order bride in various newspapers across the country. Managing a ranch and caring for his adoptive son, Davey, has become more than one man can handle alone, and Zach prays for God to send him a wife with whom to build a life and share his dreams.

When McKenzie arrives at Zach’s ranch, she immediately puts her plan in motion, searching for her sister and doing all she can to keep her new husband from forming an attachment. But his persistent kindness and significant self-sacrifices begin to change her heart-and ruin her plans. God has a way of working things out to the good of those who love Him, though, as McKenzie and Kaydie will soon see.

Book Two: Kaydie
Book Three: Hailee
tenfunfactsFREE TODAY – It’s Super Bowl week, so football fans might want to check out, Mark Peters’ Ten Fun Facts About Every Super Bowl Ever Played
There is no more popular American sporting event than the Super Bowl. Football fans wait all year for the big game and it even attracts fans of other sports and non-sports fans as well. For those looking to find out more about the history of the Super Bowl, or just looking for some fun facts and interesting trivia items about the big game, a look through Ten Fun Facts About Every Super Bowl Ever Played could be a great idea.***Updated with info on the most recent Super Bowl XLVI too!!!

Covering every Super Bowl ever played, from the Packers win in Super Bowl I to the Packers win in Super Bowl XLV, you are sure to find more than a few things out that you had not known before.

Ten Fun Facts About Every Super Bowl Ever Played is just what it says, a look back at fun facts, little known information, and trivia items about each and every Super Bowl. With more than 40 Super Bowls, that means this little book is loaded with well over 400 trivia items.

The information here can be used to assemble a football quiz for the big Super Bowl party, as a way of impressing friends and colleagues, as a way to prove to your siblings that you know more than them, or it could even be used to win a bet or two.

It is also perfect for some light reading during those times when you don’t have enough time to get wrapped up in a long novel.

You never know what you’ll find out when looking through a well laid out trivia book like Ten Fun Facts About Every Super Bowl Ever Played.

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facingFREE TODAY – Facing Redemption is a new novel by Kimberly McKay.
What if you had done something so unimaginable in your past that you felt you could never be forgiven?

John Mikale, a man with a checkered reputation, can’t begin to shake his guilt for the hurt he’s caused his daughter, Chastity, and how its scarred so many people in its wake. Although an uphill battle, John diligently strives to make up for lost time by writing Chastity letters, hoping to bridge the gap.

John, now married and expecting another child, is haunted by cryptic dreams, from which he awakes in terror. Driven to become a better man, he forces himself to face his nightmares and the reality they represent. Searching for decency within and hoping for a flicker of acceptance from Chastity is the only way he knows to release his past and heal both their wounds. But how can he expect forgiveness when he can’t begin to forgive himself for the hurt he’s caused?

Chastity Wayne, finally free from her mother’s past, is ready to move on with life. On the verge of a great relationship and about to start her burgeoning art career, she’s sucked back into her family saga as she breaks her personal promise to never read her father’s letters. From the moment the first envelope is opened, the emotional freedom she’s tried so hard to find is slowly reclaimed word by word.

Facing Redemption is a dual storyline that follows the path of an unwanted father and daughter’s journey, through a trail of self-awareness and final acceptance. It is also a continuance of the many unanswered questions from Finding Kylie, book one in this series.

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Take the Lid Off Your Church: 6 Steps To Building a Healthy Senior Leadership Team is a fantastic short little e-book by Tony Morgan with a forward by Craig Groeschel.
“Take the Lid Off Your Church” is a practical eBook to help churches, non-profits and businesses rethink their structure beginning with the senior leadership team. The book addresses several key questions regarding the health of this team including:

> When should you begin building a senior leadership team?
> What are the roles of this team?
> Who should be on the senior leadership team?
> How does this team empower other leaders in the organization?
> What should the senior leadership start and stop doing? What’s their focus?

Like previous eBooks written by Tony Morgan, this resource can be read in about 30 minutes, but it’s designed to promote conversation and next steps. In other words, consider reading and talking about the content and the discussion questions with your team.

If you feel stuck in your leadership or as an organization, you might want to stop looking at your frontline staff or blaming the people you’re trying to reach and spend a little more time evaluating the health of your senior leadership team. This eBook is designed to help you begin that journey.

Download your copy for just $2.99 by clicking here.
living the proverbsSUPER DEAL – SAVE 60% – ONLY $7.99
Chuck Swindoll has been my favorite pastor and teacher for many years. In December of 2012 he published a new book entitled Living The Proverbs: Insights for the Daily Grind.
We all have those days – when small problems become crises, when little temptations become big choices, when we don’t know who to trust or where to turn. The book of Proverbs, written by the wisest man who ever lived, offers revolutionary wisdom for troublesome times. This remarkably down-to-earth study explores such pressing themes as how to handle difficult people, what to do when temptation comes, knowing who to trust, how to handle finances, and even wisdom on marriage and parenting. Combining his trademark illustrations and insights, Charles Swindoll offers up a work that will help readers live out the wisdom of Proverbs as never before. He draws on his previous best-selling content, adapting it for a new, 21st century audience.
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Super E-Book Deals for Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coming-Back-Stronger-Brees-Drew-EB9781414346885FREE TODAY – My first thought when I saw that Drew Brees’ book Coming Back Stronger was free today on Kindle was, “No way!” I love football and Brees’ compelling story is worth a read.

When a potentially career-ending shoulder injury left quarterback Drew Brees without a team—and facing the daunting task of having to learn to throw a football all over again—coaches around the NFL wondered, Will he ever come back? After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, leaving more than 80 percent of the city underwater, many wondered, Will the city ever come back? And with their stadium transformed into a makeshift refugee camp, forcing the Saints to play their entire 2005 season on the road, people questioned, Will the Saints ever come back? It takes a special person to turn adversity into success and despair into hope—yet that is exactly what Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees has done—and with the weight of an entire city on his shoulders. Coming Back Stronger is the ultimate comeback story, not only of one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks, but also of a city and a team that many had all but given up on. Brees’s inspiring message of hope and encouragement proves that with enough faith, determination, and heart, you can overcome any obstacle life throws your way and not only come back, but come back stronger.

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FREE TODAY –widow Lawana Blackwell’s, The Widow of Larkspur Inn is book number one in The Gresham Chronicles series.

When Life Seemed Its Worst, Gresham Awaited

Julia Hollis’ opulent life in Victorian London crashes to pieces when her husband passes away. Worse, she is told by his bankers that he gambled away their fortune. Now, the family’s hope rests on The Larkspur, an old abandoned coaching inn in the quaint village of Gresham.

Driven by dread and her desire to provide for her children, Julia decides to turn the dilapidated inn into a lodging house. But can she–who was accustomed to servants attending to every need–do what needs to be done and cope when boarders begin arriving? And then an eligible new vicar moves into town…

Download your free copy today by clicking here.


Book Two: Courtship of the Vicar’s Daughter

Book Three: Dowry of Miss Lydia Clark

Book Four: The Jewel of Gresham Green

FREE-Kindle-Book-Angel-In-The-SaloonFREE TODAY – Angel in the Saloon, by Jeanne Marie Leach, is book one in the Brides of Glory Gulch series.

Upon her mother’s death, twenty-year-old Amelia Jackson must go live with an aunt she didn’t know existed, who owns a saloon in the raucous lumber town of Glory Gulch, Colorado. Amelia, a Christian who is blind, faces the prospect of living in a saloon with doubt and trepidation, and must rely on all her faith to make the new arrangement work.

As her time in Glory Gulch stretches on, old family secrets surface, and Amelia and her aunt are forced to become the family they always were but never knew.

When two lumber men vie for her attentions, her young, inexperienced heart is frayed, and she must rely on her aunt’s advice to try to make sense of it all. As Amelia faces danger, betrayal, and accusations, the only thing she can do is remain strong in her faith in God and trust him to work everything out. Can relationships be healed, hurts forgiven, and anger controlled because of the unwavering beliefs of one Christian refusing to yield under pressure? Or does this rough place get the better of Amelia and send her packing back to an empty life in which she no longer fits? Could she possibly find love the most unlikely place—a saloon?

Download your free copy toady by clicking here.

The Five Love LanguagesSUPER DEAL – 54% OFF –  ONLY $6.88

One of the aspects of my job is counseling couples. There is no book that I have used more in my counseling than Gary Chapman’s The Five Love LanguagesThis book has helped millions of couples communicate love in a way that their spouse or significant other can hear it.

Marriage should be based on love, right? But does it seem as though you and your spouse are speaking two different languages? #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman guides couples in identifying, understanding, and speaking their spouse’s primary love language-quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch.

By learning the five love languages, you and your spouse will discover your unique love languages and learn practical steps in truly loving each other. Chapters are categorized by love language for easy reference, and each one ends with simple steps to express a specific language to your spouse and guide your marriage in the right direction. A newly designed love languages assessment will help you understand and strengthen your relationship. You can build a lasting, loving marriage together.

Gary Chapman hosts a nationally syndicated daily radio program called A Love Language Minute that can be heard on more than 150 radio stations as well as the weekly syndicated program Building Relationships with Gary Chapman.The Five Love Languages is a consistent New York Times bestseller – with over 5 million copies sold and translated into 38 languages.  This book is a sales phenomenon, with each year outselling the prior for 16 years running!

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candace_bookcoverSUPER DEAL – 35% OFF – ONLY $9.68

Candace Cameron Bure first became known to millions as a co-star on the hit ABC television series Full House. Today, like her brother Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains, Fireproof), she is the rare Hollywood actor who is outspoken about her Christian faith and how it helps overcome certain obstacles, like her struggle with food addiction. Bure’s healthy lifestyle has been featured in US Weekly and People magazines as well as national talk shows including The View and NBC’s Today. In Reshaping It All, she continues the story, inspiring women to embrace a healthier lifestyle by moving faith to the forefront, making wise choices, and finding their worth in the eyes of God. Candace shares a candid account of her struggle with food and ultimately her healthy outlook on weight despite the toothpick-thin expectations of Hollywood.
More than a testimony, here is a motivational tool that will put readers on the right track and keep them there. In addition to practical advice, Candace offers a biblical perspective on appetite and self control that provides encouragement to women, guiding them toward freedom.

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dickey.book1SUPER DEAL – 52% OFF – ONLY $12.99

The story of R.A. Dickey, baseball’s current NL Cy Young award winner, is nothing short of a miracle.

Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball has been called, The Glass Castle meets Ball Four as Mets knuckleballer R.A. Dickey weaves searing honesty and baseball insight in this memoir about his unlikely journey to the big leagues.

An English Lit major at the University of Tennessee, Dickey is as articulate and thoughtful as any professional athlete in any sport-and proves it page after page, as he provides fresh and honest insight into baseball and a career unlike any other. Fourteen years ago, Dickey was a heralded No. 1 draft choice of the Texas Rangers, only to have an $810,000 signing bonus, and his lifelong dream, ripped away by an X- ray-and the discovery that he did not have an ulna collateral ligament in his right elbow. Five years ago, he gave up a record six home runs in three innings to the Detroit Tigers-and was effectively consigned to the baseball scrap heap.

Sustained by his profound Christian faith, the love of his wife and children, and a relentless quest for self-awareness and authenticity, the immensely likable Dickey details his transformation from a reckless, risk-taking loner to a grounded, life- affirming big leaguer. He emerged as one of the premier pitchers in the National League in 2010-and the knuckleballing embodiment of the wonders that perseverance and human wisdom can produce. Dickey views his story as one of redemption. Readers will come to see it as something more-a uniquely American story of beating back demons, listening to your heart, and overcoming extraordinary odds.

This is one the baseball fans in your life will appreciate.

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Super E-Book Deals for Saturday, January 26, 2013

blissFREE TODAY – Bliss, by Kathryn Littlewood is a fun story for families.

Rosemary Bliss’s family has a secret. It’s the Bliss Cookery Booke—an ancient, leather-bound volume of enchanted recipes like Stone Sleep Snickerdoodles and Singing Gingersnaps. Rose and her siblings are supposed to keep the Cookery Booke under lock and whisk-shaped key while their parents are out of town, but then a mysterious stranger shows up. “Aunt” Lily rides a motorcycle, wears purple sequins, and whips up exotic (but delicious) dishes for dinner. Soon boring, non-magical recipes feel like life before Aunt Lily—a lot less fun.

So Rose and her siblings experiment with just a couple of recipes from the forbidden Cookery Booke.

A few Love Muffins and a few dozen Cookies of Truth couldn’t cause too much trouble . . . could they?

Kathryn Littlewood’s culinary caper blends rich emotional flavor with truly magical wit, yielding one heaping portion of hilarious family adventure.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

mellingtonhallFREE TODAY – Meredith Resce’s, Mellington Hall is a historical mystery.

When Sarah Montgomery finds a man lying half-dead in the snow, she doesn’t stop to think of the consequences of trying to save his life.

But being a Good Samaritan to a stranger yields nothing but trouble. In her parents’ absence, she struggles against a deadly fever and a vicious snow-storm, doing her best to save the life of a stranger.

But when her self-righteous neighbours eventually come to see how she fared during the storm, they draw a very different conclusion, and before she knows it, her reputation is in tatters, and she has been cast out of the church and her home.

Alone and destitute, Sarah is determined to seek work as a servant from the man whose life she has saved. But all is not well for the master of Mellington Hall. Someone wants Lord Alan Mellington dead, and he doesn’t know who or why. The only person he seems to be able to trust is the gamekeeper’s daughter, Sarah Montgomery, who has intervened to save his life not once but twice.

This story blending mystery, scandal, murder and romance comes from one of Australia’s best-loved authors, Meredith Resce.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

cathy-bryant-a-path-less-traveledFREE TODAY- Cathy Bryant’s, A Path Less Traveledis a story of heartache and struggle and how God can work through the worst of circumstances.

Trish James is tired of being rescued. When a spooked horse claims her husband’s life, she’s determined to blaze a path for herself and her traumatized son without outside help. But will that mean leaving the place etched on her heart?

Andy Tyler has had to struggle for everything, and starting a new law practice in Miller’s Creek, Texas is no different. Though prepared for business challenges, he’s not prepared for falling in love–especially with yet another woman who will probably abandon him for her career.

Will Andy and Trish be able to see past their limited human understanding to take a path less traveled?

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

a simple loveFREE TODAY – A Simple Love is a new Amish love story that was published just this week and is available for free for a limited time.

Right after Annie Fisher returned to Peace Landing in Lancaster County, she attended a bi-weekly church service in her Amish community. At that service, Mark Stoltzfus, one of the young Amish men in Peace Landing, introduced himself to her.That evening, Annie and her parents talk. “Annie, Mark Stoltzfus has asked us for permission to begin visiting you. We have given him that permission,” her father tells her. Annie, who liked Mark when she met him, is happy.

However, all is not peace and bliss as a stalker threatens to end their happiness. Find out what happens when a simple love gets complicated.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

bonehouseSUPER DEAL – TODAY ONLY SAVE 88% – $1.99

Stephen Lawhead is an internationally acclaimed author of mythic history and imaginative fiction. He is the author of such epics as The King Raven, Song of Albion, and Dragon King Trilogies. Lawhead makes his home in Oxford, England, with his wife.

In The Bone House, Lawhead brings you science fiction in it’s finest form.

Kit Livingstone met his great-grandfather Cosimo in a rainy alley in London where he discovered the truth about alternate realities.

Now he’s on the run—and on a quest—trying to understand the impossible mission he inherited from Cosimo: to restore a map that charts the hidden dimensions of the multiverse. Survival depends on staying one step ahead of the savage Burley Men.

The key is the Skin Map—but where it leads and what it means, Kit has no idea. The pieces have been scattered throughout this universe and beyond.

Mina, from her outpost in seventeenth-century Prague, is quickly gaining both the experience and the means to succeed in the quest. Yet so are those with evil intent who, from the shadows, are manipulating great minds of history for their own malign purposes.

Those who know how to use the ley lines have left their own world behind to travel across time and space—down avenues of Egyptian sphinxes, to an Etruscan tufa tomb, into a Bohemian coffee shop, and across a Stone Age landscape where universes collide—in this, the second quest to unlock the mystery of The Bone House.

The Bright Empires series—from acclaimed author Stephen R. Lawhead—is a unique blend of epic treasure hunt, ancient history, alternate realities, cutting-edge physics, philosophy, and mystery. The result is a page-turning, adventure like no other.

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heavenSUPER DEAL – SAVE 71% – $4.98

The story of Colton Burpo took the world by storm with the publication of Heaven is for Real.

“Do you remember the hospital, Colton?” Sonja said. “Yes, mommy, I remember,” he said. “That’s where the angels sang to me.”

When Colton Burpo made it through an emergency appendectomy, his family was overjoyed at his miraculous survival. What they weren’t expecting, though, was the story that emerged in the months that followed—a story as beautiful as it was extraordinary, detailing their little boy’s trip to heaven and back.

Colton, not yet four years old, told his parents he left his body during the surgery–and authenticated that claim by describing exactly what his parents were doing in another part of the hospital while he was being operated on. He talked of visiting heaven and relayed stories told to him by people he met there whom he had never met in life, sharing events that happened even before he was born. He also astonished his parents with descriptions and obscure details about heaven that matched the Bible exactly, though he had not yet learned to read.

With disarming innocence and the plainspoken boldness of a child, Colton tells of meeting long-departed family members. He describes Jesus, the angels, how “really, really big” God is, and how much God loves us. Retold by his father, but using Colton’s uniquely simple words, Heaven Is for Real  offers a glimpse of the world that awaits us, where as Colton says, “Nobody is old and nobody wears glasses.”

Heaven Is for Real will forever change the way you think of eternity, offering the chance to see, and believe, like a child.

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plain_fame_new_f-01SUPER DEAL – SAVE 91% – JUST 99 CENTS

Plain Fame is book one in a new series by Sarah Price entitled The Plain Fame Trilogy.

Amanda Beiler is a young Amish woman traveling back to Pennsylvania from a visit in Ohio. Alejandro Diaz is a famous Cuban singer living the life in the limelight of international media. Their worlds collide on the streets of Manhattan, an accident that brings them together and, despite their efforts, will not let them be apart. What happens when that bridge is crossed between two very conflicting worlds and two extremely different cultures?

Download your copy for just .99 today by clicking here.

Super E-Book Deals for January 25, 2013

sing-a-novel-of-coloradoFREE TODAY – Lisa Bergen’s, Sing: A Novel of Colorado, published by David C. Cook, is free until midnight tonight. It is book number one in The Homeward trilogy.

Moira St. Clair has done exactly what her father forbade her to do: chased her dreams to sing on the stage. But even as her star rises, she becomes more vulnerable to those who wish to use her—or bring her down….

It is 1886, and the St. Clairs are living out their dreams in three very separate parts of the world—Paris, Brazil and Colorado. And while each has found a measure of success and joy, each is haunted by past sins and secrets.

Once home in Colorado, the St. Clairs struggle to learn what it means to sing praise to God—even in the face of tremendous loss—and trust Him in all things, even when forced to fight for their very lives.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.


Book Two – Breathe

Book Three – Claim

Fresh out of a Pennsylvania penitentiary armed with a marketing degree, Kate Neilson heads to Wyoming anticipating an anonymous new beginning as a guest-ranch employee. A typical twenty-five-year-old woman might be looking to lasso a cowboy, but her only desire is to get on with life on the outside—despite her growing interest in the ranch owner. When she discovers a violent ex-lover followed her west, she fears the past she hoped to hide will imprison her once again.FREE TODAY – Winds of Wyoming is the debut novel for Rebecca Carey Lyles. She grew up in Wyoming and now lives in Idaho.  She enjoys the creativity and beauty that abound throughout her adopted state as well as opportunities to hike, camp and cross-country ski in the midst of God’s grandeur.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

blood sisters

FREE TODAY – Melody Carlson is the bestselling author of more than 200 books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series. She has won various awards for her writing, including the Gold Medallion and The Rita Award, which was won for Homeward. She and her husband divide their time between the beautiful Cascade Mountains and the coast of Oregon. Writing is both her work and passion.

In Blood Sisters we are introduced to Judith and Jasmine.

“We’ll always be best friends.”

“That afternoon Mr. Jones read to them from Tom Sawyer, and when he reached the part about blood brothers, Judith knew just what she and Jasmine should do. Hidden behind an oak tree, the little girls jabbed their forefingers with a thumbtack and mixed their blood to become honest-to-goodness blood sisters. In their childish hearts they vowed to be best friends forever and ever.”

A mysterious envelope…
A shocking obituary…
A tumultuous trip to the past…

Judith Blackwell returns to Cedar Crest trying to understand the sudden death of her dearest childhood friend, Jasmine Morrison. But her questions seem only to raise more questions. What is the dark secret of the sleepy little town she once called home? Why hadn’t Jasmine been in contact with her? And where is God in all this? In her quest for the truth in matters of the heart and faith, Judith turns to a dedicated police detective. Together they form a plan that could either save Cedar Crest or send them tumbling down the same desperate road Jasmine found herself on.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.

prayeragnusFREE TODAY – The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow, by Joyce Magnin is book one in the Bright’s Pond series.

It is the story of an unusual woman, Agnes Sparrow. No longer able or willing to leave her home, where she is cared for by her long-suffering sister Griselda, Agnes has committed her life to the one thing she can do—besides eat. Agnes Sparrow prays and when Agnes prays things happen, including major miracles of the cancer, ulcer-healing variety along with various minor miracles not the least of which is the recovery of lost objects and a prize-winning pumpkin.

The rural residents of Bright’s Pond are so enamored with Agnes they plan to have a sign erected on the interstate that reads, “Welcome to Bright’s Pond, Home of Agnes Sparrow.” This is something Agnes doesn’t want and sends Griselda to fight city hall. Griselda’s petitions are shot down and the sign plans press forward until a stranger comes to town looking for his miracle from Agnes. The truth of Agnes’s odd motivation comes out when the town reels after the murder of a beloved community member. How could Agnes allow such evil in their midst? Didn’t she know? Well, the prayers of Agnes Sparrow have more to do with Agnes than God. Agnes has been praying to atone for a sin committed when she was a child. After some tense days, the townsfolk, Griselda, and Agnes decide they all need to find their way back to the true source of the miracles—God.

Download your free copy today by clicking here.


Book Two: Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise

Book Three: Griselda Takes Flight

Book Four: Blame It On The Mistletoe


FREE TODAY – Are you an aspiring writer? The Self Publishing Toolkit has received rave reviews from people seeking to publish their first novel.

The Self Publishing Toolkit is your personal publishing guide; taking you from publication through promotion and ultimately to profit. No stone has been left unturned.  This book was specifically designed withfiction writers in mind—so if you’d rather write than promote, this is the book for you.
You get step by step instructions for:

  • Creating a Personal Promo Kit (This is a major time saver.)
  • Formatting Your Book for Publication
  • The Entire Publication Process (with tips to make it easier)
  • Building your website (Even if you are non-technical to the extreme.)
  • Setting up your Blog
  • Running a successful KDP Select Promotion (Checklists included!)

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knowledge of holySUPER DEAL – 93% OFF – ONLY 99 CENTS

A.W. Tozer’s classic work The Knowledge of the Holy is available for just .99 today.

“Teach us, O God, that nothing is necessary to Thee. Were anything necessary to Thee that thing would be the measure of Thine imperfection: and how could we worship one who is imperfect?”

The Knowledge of the Holy is a classic reflection on God’s attributes. Tozer begins each chapter with a prayer, and touches upon one of God’s attributes—from God’s inifinitude, power, to knowledge. This devotional text has moved the hearts of Christians for over a century!

This electronic edition features an active table of contents.

The Knowledge of the Holy is part of The Fig Classic Series on Modern Theology.

Download your copy for just .99 by clicking here.

whyitshard SUPER DEAL – 92% OFF – ONLY 99 CENTS

Joe Stowell, the President of Cornerstone University and former President of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago wrote a fantastic book on loving Jesus in 2003 entitled Why It’s Hard to Love Jesus.

Why It’s Hard To Love Jesus takes a close look at the story in Luke 7 describing Simon the Pharisee and a sinful woman who anoints Jesus with expensive oil. When we’re confronted with the reality of Jesus, do we remain indifferent and religious like Simon the Pharisee or do we fall at His feet in adoring worship like the woman who had been forgiven much? Joseph Stowell challenges Christians to honestly probe the answer to this penetrating question.

Download your copy for just .99 today by clicking here.


Blessed self forgetfulnessTim Keller’s, The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness, is a short book about finding true Christian joy.

‘What are the marks of a supernaturally changed heart?’

This is one of the questions the Apostle Paul addresses as he writes to the church in Corinth. He’s not after some superficial outward tinkering, but instead a deep–rooted, life–altering change that takes place on the inside. In an age where pleasing people, puffing up your ego and building your résumé are seen as the methods to ‘make it’, the Apostle Paul calls us to find true rest in blessed self–forgetfulness.

In this short and punchy book, best–selling author Timothy Keller, shows that gospel–humility means we can stop connecting every experience, every conversation with ourselves and can thus be free from self–condemnation. A truly gospel–humble person is not a self–hating person or a self–loving person, but a self–forgetful person.

This freedom can be yours…

Download your copy for just .99 by clicking here.